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Jon Seimko

Future PC success requires a dose of common sense

Next week over 2000 loyal Ontario Tories will gather in the Ottawa convention Centre to chart a course after the disappointing results of last fall's provincial election. This convention is anticipated to set the tone for the building process of the Ontario PC party for the next couple of years. The election of officers and a three way contest for the presidency of the party are at stake.More than ever, Ontarians need an opposition with a contrasting vision for the province of Ontario. Recently it was projected that Ontario's deficit spiral could last close to another decade. This will force the government into making difficult decisions of either raising taxes or making substantial cuts in services like healthcare.Oh boy..... such a bleak outlook for the province that was once considered the engine of the Canadian economy makes a Tory supporter look upon the era of Premier Mike Harris as the halcyon days for Ontario. Similar to now, Ontario was suffering with an 11% unemployment rate along with runaway deficits (thanks to what was seen by many to be an experimental government in the guise of the NDP under Bob Rae - now leader of the Liberal party of Canada).In this darkest hour for the province, then leader of the Ontario PC’s Mike Harris decided to adopt a clearly conservative contrasting vision: not only a distinct way to run the government but a better approach to government entirely. This agenda for the overhaul of Ontario's government was aptly named the “Commonsense Revolution.” Admittedly the word revolution conjures up images that would easily seem to be an anathema to conservatism; but the plan itself outlined clear-cut conservative principles that included lower taxes, work fare, and reduced overall expenses in government.Harris was one of the truly transformative leaders of Canadian history. He cut… Read More