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John Farber

The Gaza Narrative: From Delegitimization To Anti-Semitism

Tucked away in a small building off the main street of Sderot, Israel, and just a few blocks from the Sderot Police Station and their infamous Rocket Museum, lies the home of the Sderot Media Centre (SMC). The SMC is an independent news outlet that relies on private donations. The SMC is the only media centre in the western Negev, countering the continuous onslaught from over 20 media outlets in Hamas controlled Gaza.The Director of the SMC is a remarkable young man, Noam Bedein. Noam was in Winnipeg recently at the sponsorship of B'nai Brith Canada. The purpose of Noam's visit was two fold; to bring the Jewish, Christian and Aboriginal communities up-to-date about the Gaza narrative (the demonization and ultimate destruction of Israel) as a reflection of the new antisemitism. He was also here to meet with several community leaders to discuss this years antisemitic gathering known as Israel Apartheid Week.On Wednesday evening January 25, Noam presented to nearly 100 people at the Rady Jewish Community Centre. The topic was Hamas, Gaza, and the Arab Spring: A view on the ground in Southern Israel. The event was sponsored by the B'nai Brith's Canada Jewish/Christian/Aboriginal Roundtable. Noam was introduced by David Matas, Senior Counsel for B'nai Brith Canada. David noted the SMC has hosted dignitaries, heads-of-states, government officials and student groups from around the world. He said Noam has spoken to over 150 university campuses and in 2010 was sent to South Africa by the Israeli Government to counter Israel Apartheid Week (IAW). He mentioned that Noam also presented at the Goldstone Commission on behalf of the residents of Sderot.The very diverse audience included not only Jewish members of our community but also leaders and members of the Christian and Aboriginal Communities. A special attendee was Anje Van Tongeren, The… Read More