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Joesph Sic

A male perspective on the slut-shaming discussion

On the matter of Barbara Kay's recent editorial regarding slut-shaming, Celia Edell's rebuttal, and Mrs. Kay's response, a few points were brought up and dropped before sufficient investigation: I hope to clarify them from my own, masculine, point of view. First and foremost, Ms. Edell is clearly guilty of the sin of Post-Modernism, a movement whose goals include self-realized morality, without codified ethics being enforced by a pre-existing power structure to save us all from anarchy. If she was a classical feminist like Emmeline Pankhurst, one of the prominent suffragettes who helped popularize the White Feather Movement started by Admiral Charles Fitzgerald and mentioned by Mrs. Kay in “The Tiresome Fight Against Feminist Double Standards,” she would no doubt be in favour of allowing a man to weaponize the sexual conduct of her gender for the purpose of driving the war machine “in which millions of young men lost their lives in the most ghastly ways thinkable.” As such, she is probably not. If my purpose in bringing this bit of history up is not clear, I recommend you to the latter-mentioned article, and I'm certain everything will begin to make sense. Bringing things a bit more up to speed, let's talk about science. I myself do not have a background in what are sometimes called the “hard sciences,” nor do I possess any formal education in the social sciences, but a cursory google of Barbara Kay tells me that she does not either, so I feel confident moving forward in this area. To begin with, the experiment enacted by Dr. Hrdy at MacMaster University had results so conclusive that I myself have no doubt that the conclusions drawn would apply to females at every stage of their development, are innate and even biological, and definitely not the product superfluously… Read More