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Jessica Lyver

Jessica Lyver is a student in Economics and Accounting at McGill University.

The Compelling Case for Michael Chong

  Throughout his years as a dedicated Member of Parliament, Michael Chong has demonstrated commitment to his principles, the Conservative Party of Canada, and most importantly, the electorate as a whole. There is a substantial amount of rhetoric surrounding politicians serving special interest groups and not adequately representing average citizens through their political decisions. Michael Chong, however, has built the trust of his constituents and has exemplified his dedication to the people of Canada, not just a fraction of them. Too common an attitude amongst those in politics is to treat people as a vote, with a tendency to forget their importance beyond this consideration. This willingness to view people so simply may be one of the reasons the Conservative Party was unable to beat the Liberals in 2015. Yet, in the midst of the party’s leadership race, their future under Michael Chong’s leadership looks bright. He has been a long-serving M.P. for a rural-urban split riding in the heart of South Western Ontario. Furthermore, in the 2015 election he was one of few Conservatives in Ontario elected with over 50% of the vote. To understand his popularity, you have to look at the way he engages with people and how he approaches politics. I had the privilege of door knocking with Michael Chong during last summer and it was enough to restore the faith of even the most skeptical about politics. He did not simply check names off a list, but he interacted with people and listened to what was impacting voters in the riding. Having 15 minute conversations at homes with NDP lawn signs, being invited into a women’s home to meet her autistic daughter and countless retellings of childhood stories of berry picking. This was not a typical campaign where the motto is to identify votes at… Read More