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Jessica B Klasser

We know where they stand on Trudeau’s hair, but what about Israel?

Protesters with giant posters featuring the body of a lifeless Palestinian child on the beach stood front and centre at Le Debat des Chefs on Thursday, Sept. 24th. The posters have been plastered all over Montreal since Sept. 20th and promote pro-Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel in Quebec. These ads have been paid and authorized by the Coalition pour la Justice et Paix en Palestine.   The French posters’ slogan read: "Israel murders Palestinian children, Harper applauds, What do the other parties say?"  Prime Minister Stephen Harper came out with a statement condemning these ads, while Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, and Green Party leader Elizabeth May have not come forth with any statements. The Jewish community has not always been positively embraced in Canada and the controversial issue of the Israel-Palestine conflict has largely gone unaddressed during this election period. So where does each party stand in the Israeli-Palestinian debate? The Conservative Party of Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper has continuously stood strong with Israel. The Party has made a clear stance that Canada supports Israel as a legitimate and recognized state. Canada continues to invest in the prosperity of Israel by announcing, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Canada-Israel Strategic Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Harper further pledged Canada's support of Israel through the common interest of promoting jobs, growth, and economic prosperity in 2014. In 2015, Harper announced in a press release the Canada Israel Free-Trade Agreement which expands the relationship between Canada and Israel. The New Democratic Party (NDP) has taken a much more radical perspective on ties with Israel. Several NDP candidates have taken strong anti-Israel positions, according to the conservative attack site The NDP candidate for Kings-Hants in Nova Scotia was quoted accusing Israel of… Read More