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Jess Weiser

Politicizing Murder

MONTREAL – How sick do you have to be to use a mass murder to score political points?Before rigor mortis could even set in, many on the American left, including elements of the mass-media and even some elected officials, began to blame the recent Arizona killings on “conservative rhetoric”—singling out Sarah Palin. To his credit, President Obama didn’t. The President said, “we are going to get to the bottom of this” and wisely didn’t jump to any unfounded conclusions.But that wouldn’t stop the callous and shameful.Paul Krugman at the Times declares that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head because “she’s a Democrat who survived what was otherwise a GOP sweep in Arizona.”Jane Fonda minces no words: she holds Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Tea Party responsible.Bill Pascrell, Democratic House Representative, blames Fox News.Some blame conservative blogger Michelle Malkin on Twitter, while others blame the Second Amendment to the American Constitution (of which Congresswoman Giffords is a strong supporter; in fact, she voted to repeal the DC gun ban). One genius prognosticator on my own Facebook writes, “No word yet on whether Palin will be investigated criminally.” These are cold-hearted people who could better spend their time offering their prayers to the injured and their sympathies to families of the deceased.The accusations are attributed, by most spewing them, to a map posted by Sarah Palin before the midterm elections, depicting cross-hairs over conservative districts with Democrat incumbents who voted for health reform. This wasn’t enlightened campaigning. I think it was in poor taste. But the appeal-to-the-lowest-common-denominator tactic is used by left and right and has been around for a long time. No, I don’t mean this type of thing. I mean this exact same thing: I mean the identical targeted map. The good folks at Verum Serum found the following map on the Democratic Leadership Committee’s own website, complete with… Read More