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Javier Wallinger

Let’s move beyond Marc Lépine

Anyone who has set foot on a post-secondary campus and has taken a liberal arts class knows the name Marc Lépine. The senseless tragedy which occurred almost a quarter century ago is the subject of a national day of remembrance on its anniversary. Even those born after 1989 and in other countries are well aware of the Montreal massacre. Unfortunately the Montreal massacre is heavily abused in genuine debates touching on gender issues. One can be in a heated debate about pay equity, equal parenting, spousal/child support and the feminist side will almost always at some point drop the Marc Lépine bomb. The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) is a national organization which lobbies the courts in cases which have implications on women’s equality rights. In almost all their factae, words like “Polytechnique” and “Marc Lépine” pop up, even if it is extremely irrelevant or there are less sensational, more contemporary subjects available. The recent Monk Debates addressed the issue as to whether men are obsolete. Feminists were dancing an Irish jig on the grave of traditional masculinity, gleefully pointing out women have overtaken men in the workforce and have a commanding majority in most post-secondary and professional programs. When someone raises the very logical question as to why the superior superwomen in western society still need “girl power” programs and special interest programs funded by the government, there is no rational answer. Neo-feminists need to defend their relevance. Even with genuine issues which are affecting women, it is clear that women no longer need nearly the funding they are receiving for women-only programs. That is when feminist sensationalism comes out. Most powerful of all the weapons in their arsenal is Marc Lépine. We see this at every post-secondary institution in the country. Men are expected to sign… Read More