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Ian Merkley

Ian Merkley: Why I’m Running for OPCCA President

This past summer, it seemed as though the Ontario PC party was going to sweep to power in Ontario. The McGuinty government was riddled with scandals, had mismanaged the provincial finances, and reduced Ontario to a “have-not” status. It should have been a cake walk.The PCs lost not because of Tim Hudak’s leadership, but because of the campaign they ran. The hyper-centralized campaign grew out of touch with, not only the average Ontarian, but its supporters and dedicated activists.  This alienation could be felt on the university campuses everywhere, especially by the members of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association (OPCCA). This loss is why I am running for President of the OPCCA.I want to ensure that campus clubs get a chance to provide policy input to the party. This can be easily done by hosting policy forums at each campus. Policy proposals will be ratified at an OPCCA policy town hall and incorporated into future party policy processes. Utilizing social media and communications products, we can reach out to more of our members online.There is a catch though. If students finally get a legitimate say in policy, OPCCA needs to play a role in transforming Ontario into a conservative stronghold. OPCCA needs to focus on building its base through effective recruitment. In order to do this, they need the tools and training to get the job done.Campus clubs will be provided with online training to ensure accessibility to all members. These sessions will be one to two hours long and will be done frequently. In order to strengthen our clubs, these sessions will be focused on club development and training.In order to ensure long term loyalties, we need to keep people engaged. We need to treat our members with respect by ensuring that they are informed of the activities… Read More