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Grace Khare

Iran Needs Truly Crippling Sanctions

MONTREAL – Iran, as per usual, is being a shit-disturber.On December 27, Tehran extended invitations to Russia, China, Egypt, Cuba, and several European Union countries to come view their nuclear facilities on January 15-16. The United States, who has spearheaded efforts to sanction Iran for the past several years, was pointedly left off the list.This move carries with it a vast array of connotations. Publicly of course, Iran is extending these invitations in the hope of providing evidence of increased transparency and, according to Iranian Foreign Minister Ramin Mehmanparast, “the goodwill of our country and the peaceful and cooperative nature of our (nuclear) activities.” Yeah, I snorted too.Privately, Iran is hoping that these invitations will fracture the countries it is negotiating with regarding its atomic energy program at the end of the month. These countries are the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and China, plus Germany – the Security Council on the UN plus one. By only inviting Russia and China, Iran not only seeks to drive a wedge, but also to soften up Russia and China, who are the countries they are closest with on the Security Council and with whom they still maintain economic ties. Additionally, by inviting only diplomats who will have no idea what is actually going on in the facilities, Iran appears to increase transparency without actually doing so at all.The question is how does the United States respond? Not just to this particular instance, but towards Iran’s adamant nuclear program and consistent belligerence towards the West? The United States needs to muster the strength to cajole the Security Council towards a firmer, tougher stance on Iran. While I am dubious on my best days about the efficacy of the UN in general, I find it pathetic that there have been four UN resolutions since… Read More