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Geoffrey Aharon

Reflections on Iran and some modest proposals

I am running for Prime Minister of Canada, this is my platform:1) There are no homosexuals in Canada, nor have there ever been, or will there be. The Satanic choice of homosexuality is not one that good Canadians make.2) I will secretly seek nuclear weapons, despite Canada being a part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.3) I will wipe a specific nearby country off the map as those people have no right to their own country.4) I will remove women's equality rights, such as voting and driving, and dressing in immodest ways, as those rights conflict with good Canadian values.5) I will support terrorist groups, which I will call freedom fighters, and supply them with weapons and money to blow up all non-Canadians; men, women and children, as they are not real people. They are a cancer to Canadians.6) I will reinstitute torture and capital punishment, and kill all members of the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, NDP, Green Party and Bloc Québécois, as they are threats to my eternal reign in Canada.Will you vote for me?  Will you allow me to lead a country?  Will you accept a world in which I control nuclear weapons?I doubt it.Would you protest and take on the responsibility to protect yourself and the rest of the world?Well I'm not Prime Minister, nor will I ever be with such a platform. But Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is President of Iran, and those are beliefs that the megalomaniac holds.The world and its leaders must stand strong against the Iranian regime. Strong economic sanctions that target the government and not the people must be immediately put in place. We must be prepared to defend ourselves militarily. We must support the moderate majority in Iran, sending them the necessary aid to end this threatening dictatorship. Geoffrey AharonYork University, SeniorThe views expressed in… Read More