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Eleanor Vaughn

The story the Daily isn’t publishing

Inexplicably, the McGill Daily has not published the biggest campus news story this year. The story has been covered by the international news media, including the Toronto Star, Globe Media, the CBC, Fox News, and The American Spectator. But the McGill Daily, a campus newspaper whose purpose we assume is to write about campus news, has yet to cover the story.The story I am referring to – for those Daily readers who might still be unaware of it – is Haaris Khan’s threatening tweets issued during a screening of documentary Indoctrinate U, co-hosted by Conservative and Libertarian McGill on March 8. “I’m watching a Zionist/Conservative propaganda film at a secret Zionist convention,” he tweeted. “I want to shoot everyone in this room,” Khan continued, “I should have brought an M16.”The closure of the Arch Café and the drama of Jobbook-gate, which the Daily amply covered, do not compare to the significance of this story. Despite this, the Daily remains silent.I was in the room when Haaris Khan tweeted his threats. The documentary screening was attended by a diverse group of students, many with divergent political beliefs. The documentary did exactly what it was supposed to do: spark critical thinking and civil debate. Having found out about Mr. Khan’s threats several days later, I am shocked but ultimately do not believe that he posed a true threat to student safety. Nonetheless, his virulent attacks on “the Jew-WASP consortium” need to be denounced strongly and publicly. His threats are reprehensible and deserve public attention.The McGill Daily is not only a primary means through which many students obtain their campus news, it is also a critical meeting place of ideas. “The fundamental goal of The McGill Daily,” announces its statement of purpose, “shall be to serve as a critical and constructive forum for the… Read More