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Darya Galashova

Today’s fake nostalgia for the 70’s

The decades of the past have been steadily coming back to influence our present culture, and it seems like this summer is going to be grooving in the 70’s. From fashion to political protests all over the world, similarities with this generation are striking. However, with this new 70's trend evoking nostalgia for those who were actually young at that time, it all might feel a tad superficial. One of the most obvious presences of the 70’s culture is, of course, the strong trend that has emerged in the fashion world. For instance, the flare pants are definitely back, which I thought we would never see again, the last several years favouring mostly the “skinny leg” look. Not quite sure if the guys will accept this “bell-bottom” pant revival, but hey, fashion does surprise us sometimes. One of the reasons for this comeback might be that the music festival culture, inspired by such names as the late 60’s Woodstock, definitely lives on, even though in a much cleaner, polished and more mainstream way. Coachella music festival in California, for instance, has become a mecca for young people, where they just have to take a selfie in order to show off to everyone on social media. Admittedly, being at Coachella, or any other music festival for that matter, while wearing some full-on hippie attire (think fringes, headbands, folk-inspired embroideries and lots of leather and suede) is just something every “cool kid” wants to do, celebrities included. Needless to say, most of those “kids” are not there for the music, but what makes it so attractive to them? Perhaps it is the “fake nostalgia” for a time that young people have never lived through (myself included) that makes our generation want to feel, if only for a moment, the belonging to this… Read More