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Daniel Milyavsky

An ancient disease lies behind the Anti-Israel protests

Where are the massive Free Kurdistan rallies? As the barbaric Islamist terror group ISIS overruns Iraq, the Kurdish population there, in addition to religious minorities, is being threatened. There have been numerous documented cases of ISIS thugs beheading children. Sometimes these heads are placed on pikes in the town square for all to see. This is so horrifying that it almost doesn’t sound real, and yet anyone can see the pictures with a quick Google search. But don’t expect any anti-ISIS rallies to be held anywhere, including the Western world. Instead, it is Israel, one of the few beacons of modern morality and civilization in the chaos of the Middle East, which receives all the bile and hate. Anti-Israel rallies in France, mostly composed of Muslim immigrants but not exclusively so, quickly degenerated into riots with attacks on Jewish businesses reminiscent of Kristallnacht. All over Europe, there were anti-Israel rallies, and many of these featured explicitly Jew-hating rhetoric. A quick recap on the recent conflict in Gaza: Three Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered in the West Bank, which is run by the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli government conducted a massive operation in which it arrested hundreds of suspects as a result of these gruesome murders, an operation that the Palestinian Authority cooperated with. To retaliate for this wave of arrests, Hamas started firing rockets into Israel. The rockets are fired from densely populated civilian areas. The foremost responsibility of a government is the protection of its citizens from violence, so Israel began an air campaign against Gaza to stop the rocket fire. Israel took extraordinary measures to minimize civilian casualties, but inevitably many innocents Gazans were killed. There are a variety of reasonable views that one can take of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but any rational person comprehends that the… Read More