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Courtney Messerschmidt

Low intensity warfare in the Sinai

Talk about psychic—the horrific terror attacks against Israel emanating from Egypt’s Sinai prove way more than the myth of writ of state—it also makes the case that low intensity conflict can get way bigger and transform into high intensity conflict.An asymmetrical combined arms attack launched by the al-Naser Salah ad-Din Brigades—the self proclaimed Military Wing of the Popular Resistance Committee (PRC)—used commando-style machine gunners as well as light mortars.The world’s first freely elected suicide regime—ruling the Strip sans elections for eons now—claimed zero responsibility (Oh writ of state! Thy sovereignty dodge ist unbehagen!).Hamas may have a point—as witnessed by the instant Little Satan F16 air raid on the PRC’s command and control complex“Officials in Gaza said the militants killed in the Little Satan airstrike belonged to the Popular Resistance Committees, a group that has worked in the past with Hamas. The leader of the Popular Resistance Committees’ military wing was among those killed in the strike, which hit a house in Rafah, in southern Gaza. Some of the group’s members are known to have gone over to the Army of Islam, a shadowy extremist group operating in Gaza.”Whoa!Interrogations of terrorist suspects arrested by Egypt have revealed that the Palestinian Army of Islam organization—which identifies with global jihad—has been working to establish an al-Qaeda branch in Sinai.As part of these efforts, a training base was set up in el-Arish last February. Around 2,000 operatives went there to receive weapons training.The purpose of the training was to establish a global jihad force in Sinai that would act to drive out Egyptian and multi-national forces that are deployed in Sinai.In recent months, terrorists have attacked government sites in northern Sinai (including five attacks on the pipeline that Egypt uses to provide Little Satan and that Hashemite Jordan place with gas).The irony here is the mind blowing fact that Egypt’s military actually took a break… Read More