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Clare Schulte-Albert & Corey Michaels

The Myth of Green Jobs

Imagine that your province handed a $7 billion deal over to a foreign company without a competitive bidding process. Imagine that as a result, consumers have started paying significantly higher than normal hydro rates for energy that they do not need. Then imagine the real kicker of this deal: it created an oversupply in the hydro system, causing your province to start paying other jurisdictions to buy that energy in excess of $2 billion of taxpayer dollars. This is the reality of the much-acclaimed Samsung deal endorsed by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government as part of his Green Energy Act for Ontario. McGuinty’s supposedly ingenious strategy to create green jobs via the development of clean energy sources involves two components: a) shift energy consumption from coal-powered plants to solar and wind power paid out the government budget and b) subsidize companies that manufacture wind and solar generators. The Ontario government  promised to create 50,000 green jobs through this initiative. Wind power costs three times the price of coal power. Solar power costs ten times the price of coal power. Ice and extreme weather conditions can lead to severe deterioration of wind turbines, accompanied by high gearbox failure rates in normal conditions. Solar panels can deteriorate anywhere from 1-4% annually with an initial deterioration of output set at 30% in the first six months to a year. Wind and solar are also unpredictable sources of energy as they are dependent on weather conditions, which may not correspond with energy demand. The burden of green jobs will ultimately fall upon the consumer. Ontario Power Authority has forecast a 46 per cent rise in electricity prices in the next five years, about four times the rate of inflation, because of the expansion of wind and solar power plants across Ontario. The Green Energy Act alone will cost Ontario families… Read More