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Chelsea Berne

I love me some Kafein!

Coffee has become a popular fix in Montreal over the last decade. Tim Hortons has always been a good and cheap cup of brew that many enjoy, and places like Starbucks have gained much popularity in this booming city as well. Although the java is pricier, this hasn't stopped businessmen and -women, as well as hundreds of students from rushing in to grab a cup for that early morning meeting or class. However, the popularity of Tim Hortons and Starbucks, both being fast food coffee houses, provides a side-kick to our increasingly faster-paced lives, allowing us to chug down that cup of deliciousness, depriving us of the taste, the experiences, and better more affordable coffee. Being in school most of the week, I drink a lot of coffee—and when I say a lot… I mean a lot! Needless to say, one quiet day at Concordia, I discovered Kafein. A small, under-the-radar coffee shop, the experience opened my taste buds to a new appreciation of the java bean in Montreal. Located on Bishop Street, Kafein easily reveals itself as one of the friendliest coffee houses you’ll ever visit. Although it does bring in many customers from Concordia University, there are just not enough to do it justice. The fashionable and friendly staff is always socializing with their customers, offering punctual service. When you first walk in to Kafein, your senses are overtaken by the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The décor inside is urban chic; you’ll notice high tables with large stools or handmade wooden tables with benches, definitely giving this coffee shop a home-away-from-home feel. Kafein is made up of two floors, designated for what you are in the mood for. The upstairs is generally reserved for those looking for a quiet spot to do their homework, while the downstairs… Read More