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Carl-Olivier Rouleau

Exclusive Interview with Pierre-Karl Péladeau

Noting the considerable crowd of supporters who welcomed Pierre-Karl Péladeau in the riding, the importance of his candidacy in Saint-Jérôme is well understood. It is before a loud and enthusiastic crowd that the PQ's new recruit pronounced his opening discourse. He spoke in particular of topics such as sovereignty, the economy, and of course, spoke relevant words touching the issues that matter most to the supporters in the riding he intends on winning April 7. Amongst those present, one could recognize a handful of relevant candidates from the surrounding areas such as Martine Desjardins and Gyslaine Desrosiers, lending their support to the star candidate. Other meaningful figures from the separatist movement were also present, such as Daniel Paillé. Carl-Olivier Rouleau seized the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Péladeau to ask him a few questions: Q: When the Prince Arthur Herald announced weeks ago that you would be running for the PQ, you denied it. Today you are a Parti Quebecois candidate in Saint-Jérôme. What is it that changed your mind? A: I was considering it, but I wasn't ready, in my personal life, to take this big decision [...]. The move needed the support of my ex-partner, Julie, and we discussed the matter. I consider that we mutually succeeded in finding a satisfying solution for both of us, as well as our children. It went well. The day she supported me, Monday two weeks ago, I went for it. Q: You have been the boss for a long time. How do you feel as a beginner in politics? A: "I feel very good! Especially with the campaign going so well in Saint-Jérôme. The team here is composed of both young people, and older people, but there's especially lots of experience. I am extremely pleased to be able to speak of… Read More