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Cameron Stonehouse

What liberal media bias? This liberal media bias

Recently, the NDP MP for Winnipeg Centre, Pat Martin, admitted to dropping the F-bomb on his Twitter account in response to the budget debate being closed by the Conservatives. This occurred not long after right-wing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly dropped the F-bomb to a 911 operator in response to harassment by a CBC satirist. The mainstream media, including the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the CBC, defended Mr. Martin’s actions on Twitter. In contrast CBC, the instigator of the Ford event, went on a vendetta against Ford for using the word, even though according to the tapes he did not, in fact, drop the F-bomb. There were numerous critics calling for the Mayor’s resignation after his incident, suggesting that people at that level shouldn’t use that language, but I guess Mr. Martin got a pass on this one. Another example of how impartial and non-biased our public broadcaster is, and how much more closely conservatives are scrutinized and criticized than their liberal counterparts.Opponents of Mr. Harper are using the Martin incident to once again circulate the same old criticisms. It is hard to go on a left-wing blog these days and not find: “Harper doesn’t care about democracy.” “Harper is a dictator.” And the list goes on. Of course, these same people are often silent about the fact that Harper is simply using the same tactics that his predecessors have also used. Jean Chretien, for example, prorogued parliament on several occasions when he was Prime Minister, a fact you never would have guessed from the outrage levelled against Harper for doing the same.Ever since Trudeau, power has become more concentrated in the Prime Minister’s office. Prime Ministers do make unilateral decisions and go over the heads of their cabinet and party caucus. Since 1935-1984, with a Diefenbaker… Read More