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Brett Byers-Lane

National Debt Clock Tour Raises Awareness

  When considering students and debt, most tend to think about student loans. However, members of one student organization tend to think more of the big picture; they see students as future taxpayers who will one day inherit the governmental debts from current and previous generations. And this group is pulling out all the stops to make sure that other students see with their own eyes the dire state of government finances across Canada.   Generation Screwed is a non-partisan student group that operates on 27 university campuses across Canada. Working as an initiative of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation (CTF), they argue that debts, deficits, and wasteful spending today will all have to be paid off later by coming generations with interest. These advocates for fiscal responsibility stress that governments are spending away their futures.   To convince others of this rallying cry for fiscal prudence, Generation Screwed launched the Generation Screwed Debt Clock Tour across several university campuses. On this tour that ended last Friday, they partnered with the CTF to bring the “National Debt Clock,” to campuses in Quebec and Ontario.   Leading this campaign was Aaron Gunn, the CTF’s Director of Special Projects and the Executive Director of Generation Screwed. According to Gunn, the purpose of the tour was to “…raise awareness to students who don’t realize how big of a burden they’re being left by politicians spending money out of control.”   The tour functioned by bringing the debt clock to university campuses where local Generation Screwed coordinators showcased the size and the real-time increase in the federal (or their province’s) debt. This put the debt situation into context for students who may not otherwise be aware of the size and gravity of the situation.   And, for the most part, the reception from students was… Read More