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Bill Carroll

Bill Carroll: What happened to the great Canada?

What has happened to my great Canada? Where did the country my Father brought me to in 1967, the year of Expo, go? Why is no one talking about us? How did the promise get broken? Is it too late to dream of our Country as a world leader?Suddenly I have so many questions. I’ve been asking many of these questions throughout my twenty years of talk radio in Toronto. Now, with an outsider’s perspective at America’s biggest talk station (KFI in Los Angeles) I’m obsessed with them.In the weeks and months to come in this great new location in cyberspace I plan to dig deep to find the answers. You see, from where I sit today, no one talks about Canada. No one gives a damn what we think, or what we plan to do or where we stand on any given international issue. Last time we made the news in LA, it was as the warm-up act for a Royal visit. A fairy tale Prince and his bride would soon be here after their quaint visit to some cold wasteland north of Chicago (does their Prime Minister always wear that stupid cowboy hat?).What a contrast it is to watch Canadian news from my LA couch. Hours of coverage about Canada’s position on the war in Iraq or Middle East peace or even in Afghanistan where a disproportionate number of Canadian soldiers died compared with United States forces. Americans don’t know and so can’t care.We used to matter. It was Lester Pearson’s idea to set up a peace keeping force while President of the United Nations General Assembly in 1957. That idea likely averted a third world war over the Suez Canal. It gave birth to a Nobel Prize winning concept. It may have killed the promise of a… Read More