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Arab Development Initiative

Notes on Envision Arabia 2011

Over 450 young leaders and innovators from around the world will gather from 7 to 9 October, 2011, at the Centre Mont-Royal and McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec. They will meet to discuss challenges the Arab world faces and will brainstorm innovative solutions to bring about sustainable development in the region.The Arab Development Initiative (ADI), a student-run non-profit organization, is organizing this Envision Arabia Summit. The initiative began in February, 2011, when a small group of McGill students felt the need to respond to the Arab Spring of 2011 and plan for a better future in the region. The ADI has grown in both depth and size, with over 35 organizing committee members from different universities in North America working around the clock to prepare for the Envision Arabia Summit 2011. The summit is unprecedented, bringing together young Arab leaders and innovators from diverse fields. It will serve as a platform for these young leaders to pinpoint key development issues in the Arab world, to share ideas for grassroots initiatives, and to collaborate on projects.The summit will consist of a series of inspiring talks, followed by workshops built on the following six divisions: Economic Development, Science and Technology, Health and Wellbeing, Society and Culture, Law and Human Rights, and Education. 24 different workshops will cover more specific subjects that fall into these six divisions; among them are: global and regional trade, HIV/AIDS and public health, media and technology in education, and the green economy. Moderators for these workshops will include most of the conference’s speakers, as well as other prominent professionals, including Imad Mansour, a Professor of Political Science at McGill, who will be moderating a state-building workshop under the Law and Human Rights division.The summit will be hosted by Al Jazeera English’s producer and host of the social media… Read More