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Duffield Design: stitching sustainability into fashion

A new, sustainable fashion line has arrived in Ottawa today, November 14th. Duffield Designs (  is creator Megan Duffield’s first official label, though she has been involved with local clothing and costume designers since finishing the fashion design program at Fanshawe College in 2005. According to Duffield, her line offers a range of organic, eco-friendly, and natural pieces for women. “When I started research for Duffield Design in 2010 it soon became clear to me the way in which the fashion world at large designs, manufactures and distributes clothing is far from being sustainable or ethical.[…] I hadn’t realized before the shameful abuse the clothing and textile industry has had on our planets recourses. The poisoning of the earth, animals & people, water systems and air—I didn’t want to contribute to that.” Her research led to her finding new ways of manufacturing, and rediscovering some more traditional methods. “I found farmers, manufactures, suppliers and designers starting to take big step in the right direction to create products which were more environmentally responsible, and in the long run much more sustainable. I researched these new, and sometimes very old production methods and textiles and started sourcing suppliers first locally and then branching out to the global stream.” Duffield offers a surprising range of benefits to using natural and eco-friendly fabrics. “Natural fabrics tend to carry a lot of very desirable characterizes not found or easily mimicked with chemical treatments on manmade and synthetic materials. For example, hemp holds natural antibacterial and hypo-allergenic properties, it’s breathable, strong, and protects from harmful UV rays. It can be grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, is a renewable recourse and can be cultivated in as little as 100 days[…]When you have worn the piece to its last thread, you can throw it in… Read More