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Anthony Depatie

O How The Mighty Have Fallen

Syria’s acceptance to turn over their arsenal of chemical weapons to the United Nations represents a major victory for the world in its entirety, as it seems sufficient to prevent a larger-scale regional war with the potential to escalate into a conflict of proportions unseen for the past 65 years. Having to give credit where credit is due, one cannot overlook the role that Russian President Vladimir Putin played in achieving such an accomplishment, which begs an important question: has the United States of America’s dominance in international affairs diminished, or is the Russian tour de force the result of a particularly weak President sitting in the White House? There is little doubt that with the rise of globalization, the tremendous growth and development in China, as well the staying power of other countries such as Russia, the US is no longer the only major superpower in the world, sitting above the rest, and policing their every move. Indeed, influence is now spread in a much more balanced manner than a few decades ago, and no country can single handedly call the proverbial shots when it comes to military intervention, or other matters of international interest. To this effect, much credit also goes to the far-from-perfect, but nonetheless necessary United Nations. Though Syria’s acceptance to surrender its chemical weapons has rejoiced billions around the world, there is no denying that having Russia – and especially Putin – be the apparent deal and peacemakers must strike a sensitive nerve in American ego and pride. Just a few decades ago, America and the Soviet Union were gridlocked into a Cold War, where both sides portrayed the other as the reincarnation of Lucifer, and even during the World Wars, as is well documented, the two nations’ alliance was one of convenience, and not… Read More

The GOP needs a makeover

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama defeated a strong competitor in Republican Mitt Romney. Following months of grueling campaigning, and billions spent on each campaign, Obama claimed key victories in Virginia, Ohio, and Florida, winning the all-so-important swing state battle, and another 4 years in power.Though much can be said of the Obama campaign’s efforts, and their outstanding ground game, the President’s victory certainly was not rooted in extraordinary achievements during his first four years in office. Other than the obvious fact that he failed to get remotely close to the targets that he had set during his 2008 campaign, the President has failed to conclusively bring the economy back to force, has appeared at times weak and out of the loop on foreign policy issues, and has failed to unite the country, leaving America more divided than it has been in years.While it would not be fair to chalk up the President’s victory as solely being the product of Republican mistakes, the GOP will have to do some serious soul-searching in the coming years if it hopes to rebound, and regain credibility. Do not be fooled by the close margin in the popular vote; the GOP failed to unseat a President who has not accomplished much during his first four years, and who, in the Republicans’ glory days, would have needed a miracle – or destiny, as Governor Romney would put it – to preserve the presidency. Indeed, the President did win the Nobel Peace Prize, and caught public enemy no. 1, Osama Bin Laden, but still today, no one quite knows why or how he won the Nobel Prize, and it would be unjust to the previous administration, and to the soldiers who have been risking their lives for a decade in Afghanistan, to give the President all… Read More

Open letter to Morton J. Mendelson, McGill Deputy Provost

Mr. Mendelson,As you know, a little over a week ago, reports of violent anti-Semitic tweets sent out by Haaris Khan surfaced, striking fear in the minds of many students. In these messages, Khan openly expresses his regret for attending a Conservative McGill screening not equipped with an M-16, which would have allowed him to kill the “Jews” and “WASPs” in attendance. A dozen or so similar calls for violence, which I will not list, as you have surely read them, have also been posted. Though I am neither Jewish nor Protestant, I have personally felt great fear and outrage toward the hateful comments made by Mr. Khan. However, I understood that these were only a single student’s opinion, and that surely, the school would take a strong stance regarding these threats. I was wrong.On March 17, I opened my McGill email to find a rather unsettling message sent on your behalf. Reading the title (Disturbing Messages – Propos Troublants), I felt reassured to know that the school didn’t take Mr. Khan’s threats lightly. Needless to say, this reassurance quickly turned to disillusionment and disheartenment as I realized that the article reassured students that McGill would take a strong stance against “disturbing messages,” but that Khan’s threats did not qualify as such.Throughout the email, you have made numerous references to the importance of avoiding “false alarms that could lead to complacency in the events of real threats in the future,” and that if the messages posed a “real threat, we [you] would have taken a very different action.”Mr. Mendelson, since when are repeated, direct threats, advocating the violent murder of a selected group of people not real threats? If they aren’t such, what does constitute a real threat? Khan explicitly declared his murderous intent: how much realer can it get?The University’s… Read More

Stop the Endless Sympathy for Criminals and Terrorists

Did Sergeant Christopher Speer ask for clemency in July 2002? We will never know. We do know one thing, however: Omar Khadr didn’t care, and threw a grenade at Speer, then 28, anyways.Flash forward to February 2011. In what the media describes as a “popular tourist resort” in the Dominican Republic, Jordan Morrison, a 19-year-old kid from Barrie, Ont., saw a woman get spit in the face, and stepped in to protect her. His reward? Getting beaten to death by two other “Canadians”: Dmytro Aref Yev and Bouzid Redha.As two of the five men (Aref Yev and Redha) are still held in Dominican custody, Omar Khadr can rejoice in the fact that another infidel has paid for his sins, and that he will surely have more Canadian buddies on Amnesty International’s list of martyrs.In a few years, Khadr, Aref Yev and Redha — the latter who, by the way, lives in Montreal, but is Algerian — will all walk out of prison. Upon their release, will they first go to Loblaws, the Casino, Blockbuster, or Esso? Go figure. You won’t have to do much thinking to find Speer or Morrison, however; they’ll be rotting in a box, below a little slab of stone with their names on it. Mother Justice can count herself lucky that none of these atrocities took place on our own soil, where the murderers would have walked away after a few months, and the ever-lax Canadian criminal system can rejoice in being responsible for two fewer cases. While the punishment for these two crimes are beyond Canadian control, our country can still bring some justice to the victims, and make its citizens proud: let the killers rot, and don’t take them back.In today’s society, the leftist media and advocacy organizations strangled by their own political correctness… Read More

Fair-Weather Citizenship

As Zine el Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia fled, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt announced he would not seek re-election, and King Abdullah of Jordan sacked his entire government, foreigners stranded in Egypt have desperately been seeking a way back home. A few countries, Canada included, answered their call, and chartered flights to bring back its citizens. Following the old military adage, Canada leaves no man behind.Reaching out to assist fellow countrymen should always be a priority, and our government cannot be accused of failing in that department. On the contrary: Perhaps to show off our beautiful rocky mountains, or perhaps to avoid negative backlash from the ever-leftist media, Canada has made it somewhat of a tradition to welcome nearly entire countries as soon as conflict erupts somewhere in the world. When protests intensified in Cairo, the Canadian bandwagon filled up faster than the Pittsburgh Steelers’ bandwagon after they qualified for yet another Super Bowl. Simply put, the number of “Canadians” living in Egypt tripled in a flash: “Is that a protest outside? Quick, Mom, let’s go buy a Crosby jersey!”While good faith will beyond a doubt reap its rewards, the government needs to find a way to sort out actual Canadians among pseudo-citizens searching for a free meal ticket. This begins with better monitoring the comings and goings of newly-received citizens, as well as expatriates born-but-not-so-bred in Canada. Too many people have found loopholes in the system to obtain citizenship and/or residency — and then gone back to their country of origin with a get-out-of-jail-free card.Just a week ago, Revenue Quebec issued 1,722 notices against a single Laval-based company for filing false tax returns used to illegitimately obtain permanent residence and government benefits for its Lebanese customers. While this story made headlines, it’s hardly news.People in countries like Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt,… Read More
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