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Andres Gallacher and Theo Newman

Steynamite! An evening with Mark Steyn

On April 24th in Toronto 1300 people packed into the Metro Convention Centre to listen to acclaimed speaker and author Mark Steyn give his thoughts on liberty, freedom of speech, awareness campaigns and Canada’s human rights tribunals. The following are some of his comments and responses to audience questions asked during the course of the event, not during a formal interview.  On the recent pink shirt campaign by activists to raise anti-bullying awareness:All these awareness campaigns have been shown to be ineffective. In regards to the pink shirt anti-bullying campaign somehow imposing conformity amongst pink shirts will somehow stop bullying…Kids are bullied because they are perceived as different, when conformity is imposed it doesn’t tackle the problem or acknowledge our differences rather it seeks to sweep them under the rug and make everyone feel good about themselves for wearing pink shirts. Today I am wearing pink socks to raise awareness about ankle cancer, while in the 1920s people sought out cures but now we just raise awareness rather than trying to find a cure to any of these diseases. On his recent book After America, which gives a rather pessimistic view of the future of the western world: The lights of liberty are going out all over the western world, and this includes Canada.  The government is increasingly involved in regulating every part of our lives.  In Canada we have these totalitarian Human Rights Commissions that are policing freedom of speech.  Free citizens such as you and I no longer have the freedom to express our own opinions.  The problem with liberty is that we are increasingly unable to talk about it, for 40 years the productive class have funded the creation of an army of statist hacks that continually tell us what we can and cannot say.  But aren’t we freer than… Read More