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The Three Bares

McGill is abuzz with talk of The Herald. Kevin and Brendan have provided safe haven for McGill’s oft forgot conservative community and I commend them for that. Everyone on campus should not only have a voice, but be provided with a respectable forum in which to tune it. That is why The Prince Arthur Herald is reaching out to you, the so-called “moderate.” Over the next few days, The Herald will be launching Three Bares, a multi-position column on issues that matter, but aren’t always clear-cut. Each edition, I will seek commentary on a given topic from a range of McGill’s voices, taking care to reach out to both sides of the aisle. I will present this commentary side-by-side so that discerning readers are granted the rare freedom to draw their own conclusions. I hope that McGill’s moderate and open-minded students will find their home in this column and consider lending Three Bares their unique voices in the future. Please check back soon for the first edition of Three Bares and for information on how to join in the conversation. Lucy Bansal is the editor of Three Bares and a U3 at McGill University. You can contact her at Read More