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Tom Kott – Chief Executive Officer (

Tom Kott is a consultant at HATLEY Strategy Advisors in Montreal. He graduated from McGill University in political science and history, focusing on electoral history and the use of marketing and images in politics. He previously served as the Editor-in-Chief and as the Communications Director of the PAH. In addition to his work for the Prince Arthur Herald, which he joined in May 2012, his articles appear frequently in Canada’s major media outlets.


Alex Whalen – Chief Financial Officer

Alex Whalen is a student and entrepreneur based in Halifax. He has been contributing to the Prince Arthur Herald since 2013. He is currently pursuing a law degree at Dalhousie University, having graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with a business degree. Presently, he serves as Chief Financial Officer of the Prince Arthur Herald as well as a regular columnist. His work has been published in a variety of outlets and focuses mainly on politics, business, and public finance.


Mathieu Paul Dumont – Managing Editor (

Mathieu Paul Dumont is a student of politics and philosophy. He joined the Prince Arthur Herald in February 2014 and has held the positions of Politics Editor and Editor-in-Chief. Dumont is involved with various online media, has political experience in Ottawa, and is a Research Analyst with the NATO Association of Canada.


Jackson Doughart – English Editor (

Jackson Doughart recently completed a Masters of Arts in political science, where his research focused on constitutionalism and the politics of religion. His articles have been widely published, and his column appears weekly in the Prince Arthur Herald. Since November 2013 he has chaired the Herald‘s Editorial Board.


Pedro Paulo Burgarelli – French Editor (

Pedro Paulo Burgarelli is currently pursuing a degree in economics at Université de Montréal. He is passionate about politics and finance, and wishes to contribute to the strengthening of a free press trough his enrollment with the Prince Arthur Herald. He joined the PAH team as columnist for international affairs in July 2013. He later became editor of the French section in June 2014.